About me

I’m Malcolm Teas, an independent software engineer. I currently work on iOS and web projects.

I’ve also spent years as a senior engineering manager where I did hiring, firing, customer project management, release management and technical customer support. I’ve been successful at both kinds of roles but I prefer the engineering. I started out as an engineer writing software on a variety of systems.

Most of the code I’ve written has been in C, C++, and Objective-C but I also use Python and other common languages. Today I write a lot of Swift. In the past I’ve built designed & built client-server systems, designed network protocols, written device drivers, UI code, desktop apps, websites, contributed to Linux, and written UNIX back-end software. Since 2009 much of my work has been on iOS, but I also have worked on servers and network software. From 2011-2021 I worked for a medical communications company initially doing iOS work and later engineering management. I work mostly on UNIX-derived systems on mobile and UNIX server backend software.

I’ve been writing software and just messing around with computers and electronics for much of my life.  My first computer language was assembler on a DEC PDP-8 when I was a kid in high school.  Since then I’ve written code with several assemblers and in over a dozen languages total. Including writing two separate Forth systems. I originally started in electronics and have my amateur radio license, but I soon moved to software. I’m a lapsed pilot, a photographer, hiker, biker, and kayaker.  I’m married and happy with that. I like figuring out new things.

In all that I’ve worked at several different startups and a some large companies such as Apple. I’ve run my own company. Now I’m enjoying being a solo developer.


Beach sunflower at sunset
Beach sunflower at sunset