Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 22, 2021

I operate this site, I also have developed apps on the iTunes app store for iOS. This page has my policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of any information related to your use of these websites or of the apps I’ve written. That policy can be summed up as “collect only the minimum of information I need to make my site and apps better and in general avoid any user-identifiable information”.

What Information is Collected by this Website?

Since this is a public site, there is no user-identifiable login for me to record. While using these websites your browser will send my server some data like it’s IP address and some browser information like your browser type and version.  As virtually all other websites do, I record some of this data in log files. I use this data to see how many visitors this website, when they visited and what browser they used. I don’t ask for and can’t see any user-identifying information.  I’m just happy you viewed my site.

What Information is Collected by my Apps?

Currently none of my apps record any information about their use. You can see in the App Privacy details on the app store, I record no data.

If (perish the thought) an app I wrote crashes a crash log may be sent to me via Apple so I can figure out why it crashed so I can try and fix that.  Crash logs do not show user-specific information. You can control this on your phone in the Settings app under Privacy. Scroll down to “Analytics & Improvements” and tap “Share with App Developers” to share some limited analytics and crash logs via Apple. I would appreciate it as I use that to improve my apps!

I do not knowingly collect any information about who you are or about how to identify you.  Tell you the truth I don’t want to collect that, I’m not in this business to sell information about you. I’m just glad you like my apps and are using them.

Third-party Information Collection

With the sole exception of the analytics that Apple collects on my behalf if you permit, I do not knowingly or actively participate in any third-party information collection. I host no advertising networks or and do not use third-party information collection on either my websites or apps.