App Support

Got a question?

Each app page (see Projects) has it’s own FAQ list.  This is probably your best place to start.  If you don’t see your answer there or if I didn’t answer it well enough, please contact me at  I’ll do my best to answer your question or address your issue.

Also, some apps have an information button in them.  Tap that for an information screen with app-related information. Like this:

What version is your app?

On my apps I put the version at the bottom of a logical screen. In Metric Seconds, for example, it’s at the bottom of the information page. The full version might be something like “1.1 (12)”.  So a screenshot of this screen is really useful to me when you’re sending a bug or question.

To make a screenshot on your phone, press the home button (round button) and the sleep/wake button (on the right side or top) at the same time. This will put an picture of the screen in your photos which you can send to me.

Found a bug?

I’m sorry. Please let me know the details at or at Twitter @MalcolmTeas or at the project’s twitter address and I’ll try to get it into the next release. This also applies if you have an suggestion for a new feature. I may have to be more careful about adding those of course. However I am glad you are interested in my apps!

Writing code & fixing bugs are all about details.  So the more specific detail you can give me the better. This is what I hope to see included in a bug report:

  • What app were you using and what version is that app?
  • What screen were you on?
  • What were you doing when the problem happened? The bug is not your fault but knowing what was being done helps me to recreate the problem.  If you can tell me the steps 1, 2, 3… to make it happen that is fantastic!
  • What did you expect to happen and what actually happened?

Update Policy

I plan to update apps when I have accumulated either enough bug fixes or feature improvements to make it worthwhile and when my schedule permits. In the three digits of the version number, like 2.1.3 the first version number is for major changes, the second is for feature enhancements or improvements that aren’t as sweeping. The last is for bug fixes, and more rarely, small feature improvements.