• Temperature Converter
    I’ve been playing around with some CSS. I used this as a small testbed project for experimentation. See http://temperature.malcolmteas.com
  • Working with Mote Marine Laboratories
    Mote and I have contracted for me to work on their Beach Conditions Reporting System Website. I’ll be maintaining that site, and it’s associated server system and mobile apps. See http://visitbeaches.org.
  • Metric Seconds is released!
    The 1.1 version is out now in the app store. All new conversion page that works with duration or to dates. And ample improvements in other areas as well. One practical use of the app is that conversion page. If you’re doing arithmetic with time or dates, it’s really handy to convert it into metric… Read more: Metric Seconds is released!
  • Metric Seconds 1.1 update coming…
    I’m updating Metric Seconds. Finally! After a long time I’m bringing it up to date and fixing some things. Some of the changes coming are that the convert screen now converts to a date, or to a duration of time. There are UI improvements to make using the stopwatch or countdown timer a bit easier.… Read more: Metric Seconds 1.1 update coming…