Coordinate Converter

So you’ve got one app that shows your latitude and longitude in decimal degrees like: 48.8585, 2.3376 and another one that used degrees, minutes, and seconds like 48º 51″ 30.6′ N, 2º 20″ 15.36′ E. You need to convert them. The coordinate converter app does that. Enter either one and you get the other, easy! I wrote it because I got tired of doing this on a calculator or trying to estimate it in my head.

It also shows degrees and decimal minutes that a few programs use too, this looks like 48º 51.51″ N, 2º 20.256″ E. All three of these versions are the same location in three different notations. Use the app to convert easily.

This app also tells you the precision of your numbers too in meters. There’s a button to show your location on the Apple Maps app, and another button that will give you the latitude and longitude of your current location.

For people who work with mapping, maps, and navigation apps, this is a handy tool to have around.