Why 4 or 5 digits of GPS position is fine

Accuracy vs precision. They’re not the same thing. And six digits (or more) of GPS shows that you’re mixing them up and confusing yourself. And likely confusing your app’s users.

It’s Gigasecond Eve!

Friday July 14, 2017 at 2:40:00 UTC the UNIX seconds clock rolls over to 1,500,000,000 seconds or 1.5 Gigaseconds. This clock is used by basically all computer systems now. So I’m calling Thursday Gigasecond Eve.

How to do Fast & Smooth Table Scrolling in iOS

Debugging slow scrolling, how I figured out the problems, and how I fixed them. In the end, it was 60 fps all the way!

Consistent versioning in iOS projects

The version number (and copyright) of your app probably appear in several places in your app. This script helps automate keeping all those consistent by using Xcode to do much of the work.


GUTTM: How to Think About Time Management

Time management isn’t easy.  And it’s hard when you’re doing both management and engineering.  This is a long read of my attempt at figuring out a framework for thinking about time management.